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Oceana: Info and Rules

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Oceana: Info and Rules

Post by Rei Bowman on Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:12 pm

Welcome to the Kingdom of Oceana!


Information About the Site:

The Kingdom of Oceana is a semi-realistic, semi-literate medieval RPG set in the thirteenth century. The kingdom is 5 miles radius; it is large and easy to get lost in if you are new. The kingdom is on an island that is right next to the mainland as it is connected by a bridge. The castle is in the middle of the kingdom, and the kingdom is protected by a large wall; everyone who enters the kingdom will have to go through the gate. Everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules.


     1.  No god-modding. No one likes it when someone controls another person's character, so please do not do this, thank you.

2. Please use appropriate language, there may be younger people who join, so we wish for this site to be family safe.

3. You may have up to three characters if you wish, though we would like you to be active with all three of them if you can.

4. You can have a BF/GF, husband/wife, though NO inappropriate 'scenes' AT ALL. Again, younger people may join and we wish for this place to be family friendly.

5. No cyber-bullying! This is rude and mean, and if you are caught doing it, you will be warned! Also, if you are being cyber-bullied or witnessing a cyber-bully, contact an Administrator! This is a very serious problem and we would like to help anyone who is being cyber-bullied.

6. Do not make a Role-Play post until your character is accepted by an Administrator. Each character you wish to have needs to be accepted with their own biography, as it will make it easier for everyone to understand more about that character.

7. For each post, there is a minimum of 150 words, though obviously you can exceed that minimum and make a post as long as you wish.

8. For your character's appearances, you are allowed to have unrealistic eye/hair colors (Example: purple, yellow, pink, etc.) though there will be no supernatural races (Example: vampires, werewolves, elves, etc.) so please have realistic skin colors.

9. For your talents, you are able to have up to three specific talents (Example: speed [the average human runs 12-15 mph, though the fastest one can be is 20 mph on this site], great workmanship on your job [if you are an archer, for example, then you have around 98% with hitting the mark every time], etc.) OR if you are an Administrator, Royal, or High Rank, you are able to have up to four talents.

10. When you make your first character's biography, put in “Cookies and Beluga Whales” in the Secret Code category.

11. Please respect every member on the site and follow the rules! Also, listen to the Administrators as they are the ones who allow you to RP on this site.
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Re: Oceana: Info and Rules

Post by Sony on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:33 pm

(Rei you done editing these yet?)
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