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Character Biographies / Joining

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Character Biographies / Joining

Post by Rei Bowman on Fri Nov 01, 2013 4:21 pm

Fill this out before you RP

*Age (has to be within reason; like 5-89, nothing under 5 and nothing over 89)~
*Appearance (have at least 60-100 words here)~
*Personality (have at least 60-100 words here)~
*History (have at least 100 words)~
*Job you want to have~
*Weapons (is based on what kind of job you have)~
*Talents (keep it semi-realistic, but remember this is for fun, so have something you like)~
*Bf/Gf (no inappropriate behavior in the RP)~
*Husband/Wife (no inappropriate behavior in the RP)~
*Children (if you have children, they must start out as five years old or older once someone volunteers to be one of them)~

*How did you find this site?~
*Secret Code (please find this in the rules, it is to make sure you have read the rules and such. You will not be accepted without this)~

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